General Recommendations

General Recommendations

Isla Leones

Information about Glamping Isla Leones:

- Check in: 2 p.m. Check out: 10 a.m.
- Electricity: Provided by solar panels
- Internet: WIFI in common areas around Glamping (Restaurant and living room). It is not guaranteed.
- Telephone: no cell phone or landline signal.
- Extra payments: Mercado Pago and credit cards. VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS.
- Restaurant “El Refugio”: You cannot bring your own food or beverages.
- Uncorking: we have our own wine list and non-alcoholic beverages. In case you prefer to bring your own wine, uncorking will be charged.
- Regional breakfast: tea, coffee, chocolate, flavored water, toast with homemade jam and butter, pudding or pastries, seasonal fruits, ham, and cheese.
- Lunch and dinner: fixed menu. Main course and dessert. Water included. Other beverages: soda, beer, and wine at additional cost.
- Cuisine: local, regional, and seasonal products. Coastal fish: grouper, snook or silverside. Seafood: mussels, scallops, squid, spider crab. Red meats: lamb and wether. Seaweed and vegetables harvested from the agroecological garden of Camarones: CHISPA.
- Children: no children under 6 years old are allowed at Glamping.
- Pets: pets are not allowed at Glamping.
- House rules:
* No littering
* Preserve water
* Take short showers and turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

What to bring

· Comfortable clothing that allows you to dress in layers (onion layering system)
· Adequate footwear: one for trekking and one suitable for water
· Windbreaker and coat (sweatsuit and/or fleece)
· Sunglasses
· Hat or cap for the sun
· Swimming suit
· Neoprene suit
· Sunscreen
· Medicines you may need
· Binoculars to enjoy bird watching
· Flashlight


-Refuel whenever possible: distances are long. In Ruta Azul (Route 1) you will be able to fuel only in Camarones or Garayalde (Route 3)
-Make sure you have a spare tire.
-Respect the maximum speeds inside and outside the National Park. Roads cross wildlife trails. Therefore, to preserve animals and safety, it is best to drive slowly and enjoy the scenery.
-Always carry a garbage bag. All types of waste should be returned to a waste disposal site.
-Be prepared for adventure. Bring water, food, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and warm clothes. It is recommended to wear light clothing that covers arms and legs.

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